About BRC

Welcome to our gun club!

Bamburi Rifle Club (BRC) is a private members club which has been in operation for over 48 years on four different sites within the quarry of Bamburi Cement Limited (BCL) and La Farge Ecosystems.

BRC promotes safe & responsible gun ownership & handling; we are proud to boast that we have not had a single accident during this time due to the strict safety measures enforced by our team of dedicated committee members & safety officers.

Our members are from all walks of life, some of who are “the cream” of Mombasa’s society. All our members are registered civilian firearm holders.

Our Range is the only licensed outdoor Shooting Range in Mombasa County and we hold internal shooting competitions and National ones often in conjunction IDPA, IPSC and USPSA.

BRC is also frequented by our dedicated uniformed officers who hold regular training & shooting sessions in the presence of our Chairman & his wardens.

Prior to the election of our former Chairman Mr. Leichum ten years ago, BRC was traditionally spearheaded by an appointee of BCL! Our previous Chairman Mr. Chris Groom was the Financial Controller of BCL & prior to him it was Dr. Rene Haller, the founder of Haller Park… So you see, we have a rich & friendly history!

BRC is a responsible entity and regularly holds awareness campaigns to promote environment, tree planting and clean-ups, BRC is registered by National Environment Management Authority NEMA, Registration with The Ministry of Sports, Arts & Culture and signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Kenya Sports Shooting Federation (KSSF) our umbrella body in Nairobi. All that taken care of, we are now compliant with ALL Regulatory bodies in Kenya!